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Good health
Good business

empower your employees

mentally & physically


Of employees notice the negative effect of their mental health issues on their productivity and focus.

> 65.000,-

The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s salary.


Burnoutrates have gone up with 66% in the last 3 years

125 billion

Harvard Business Review estimates that the annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is anywhere from 125 billion to 190 billion. 


Of employees who don't feel supported and valued are looking for a different job


Gallup also found burned-out employees cost $3,400 out of every $10,000 in salary because they are disengaged in their work. 


Wellness programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism by 14-19%. 


Companies with highly successful health and productivity initiatives generate 11% more revenue per employee


responded that if a company invested in helping them learn, they would stay longer and feel more engaged

At CU Bloom we support your employees, teams and business to thrive

How can we help you?


B2Bloom Coaching

First-class personal, mental & physical wellbeing support

for your employees and your business

VIT Packages

Personalized 1:1

mental and physical wellbeing support 

Meet Chloé

CEO and founder of CU Bloom

Ever since I was little I was intrigued by how resilient and powerful our minds and bodies are. That's if we take good care of them ofcourse. 

And In my early twenties I did not. Which for me personally resulted in feeling unhappy, stuck, tired, anxious and sick. It was only at my lowest that I saw that I was the one in charge, the one able to make a change in my own life.

With the help of life coaches, personal trainers and a lot of personal investment I now learned how to manage my mental and physical health, step into my own power and create the life I love and can have it all.  

My mission is to help a million people and more to step into their resilient power by increasing their mental and physical health.

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Learn 4 steps to manage overwhelm and burnout with this free guide. 

What you'll learn :

  • The 4 c's method for valuable transformation!

  • How much stress, overwhelm and burnout affects you

  • Easy checklists to help you manage

  • How CU Bloom can offer you first-class support 

Free Guide : 4 steps to manage overwhelm and burnout 


"The coaching with Chloé was an eye-opener for me. I immediatly felt that she was the person who could help me grow. I always felt safe, heard and after every session I felt empowered in different ways. Consistent moving forward and getting toold to do so was super powerful"


"I've always been into personal growth but often I didn't have the right tools to put things into action. Thanks to Chloé I now know how to handle ups and downs in a more productive way and I'm not scared to go through emotions anymore. Because I honestly love myself with all my aspects and trust myself no matter what happens."


"Before working with Chloé I was holding on to control and fear. Through her coaching she gave me a lot of insights in myself, how to use that control in a possitive way instead of letting it freeze up. She is an incredible sweet and open women who is truely interested in YOU while still being able to confront you and making sure you move forward."

“You choose what you don't change,
so if you want different results dare to change and challenge yourself”


Work with me

Get ready to bloom!

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