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CU Bloom


Your employees are the most valuable capital of your company. Supporting them in their mental and physical health benefits both personal and corporate goals. With the wellbeing challenge we support your employees to grow personally and as a team with a positive & healthy business culture as a result.

Team Building Session

Kick-off &
growth events

At the live events we kick-off and end the 12 week challenge in a fun, educational and sporty manner. Your employees will get to know themselves and eachother a little better and get all the practical information to bloom during the challenge


Weekly teamcalls

In the weekly teamcalls we provide knowledge, tasks and hot-seat coaching to increase the growth of each member of the team. 

Knowing yourself, your habits, what health and wellbeing is all about gives the perfect soil to seed for growth!

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Healthy habits accountability

During the 12 week challenge we will build new habits together to increase our health & wellbeing.

As a team you'll keep eachother accountable and get group tasks to do during the week. By doing so you as a team will create a stronger connection and a healthy business culture

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