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Get to Know Us

Chloé is a certified coach, trainer and speaker who specializes in positive psychology, resilience and well-being. She helps individuals and organizations to develop a positive mindset, cope with stress, build resilience, and enhance well-being. She uses tools and techniques that are proven to work and easy to apply. But she also shares her own stories and insights that are relatable and inspiring.

Her mission is to spread positivity, happiness, health and empowerment to as many people as possible. She wants to make a difference in the world by helping others to make a difference in their business and own lives. She invites you to join her on this journey of positivity and growth.

Get to Know Us

CU Bloom is a coaching and training company that helps individuals and organizations to thrive in a changing world. It was founded by Chloé Uyttenhove, who's inspiration for CU Bloom came from her own personal and professional experiences.

She worked in a business environment where communication and appreciation were lacking, and she saw how this affected the morale, performance and well-being of the employees. She also noticed that many of her coachees and clients were struggling with similar issues, such as workload, communication, lack of growth opportunities, and low self-esteem.

Chloé realized that there was a need for a different approach to coaching and training, one that focused on the strengths, values and potential of each person. Therefor she decided to create CU Bloom as a way to share her passion for positive psychology, resilience and well-being with others. And wanted to help people to discover and unleash their strengths, cope with stress, build resilience, and enhance their well-being. The pillars on which the CU Bloom model is build are growth, leadership, well-being and communication. All which play a key role in creating a blooming business.

CU Bloom’s values are authenticity, continuous growth, inclusion, transparency and honesty. Chloé believes that these values are essential for creating a positive and supportive company culture, where people can be themselves, learn from each other, team up and achieve their personal & professional goals.

The CU Bloom Story

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